what to expect

activate your body’s resilient health and well being! 

Experience deep relaxation and feel your vitality and resilience.

The goal is to activate the body’s ability to heal itself with classical Chinese medicine. Experience deep relaxation and allow the healing energy of your own body to come forth and be strengthened.

Tele-health Appointment

Due to the unusual circumstances of 2020, 2021 etc, we are currently only seeing patients via tele-health. Tele-health appointments offer customized herbal formulations and lifestyle advice via Zoom or a phone call.

The initial appointment will involve the in-depth intake of your symptoms and bodily functions. We will create a health plan with customized herbal formulas, dietary and lifestyle suggestions, and additional guidance that will support your health.  Follow up telehealth appointments are suggested every two weeks, to allow us to track your progress, and adjust your health plan and herbs accordingly.

First Acupuncture Appointment – Temporarily Unavailable

Spirit Farmer Acupuncture - What to ExpectYour first appointment will be about one and a half hours long. We will review the intake form you filled out, and I will ask you in-depth questions about your body, your daily habits, your psycho-emotional states, and your cycle (if relevant).

I will feel your pulse and observe your tongue. These two tools allow me to witness how energy and fluids are moving through your body and check for where the imbalance may be.

You will then receive acupuncture, where you will rest and let your body’s energy balance. Needles are inserted into the scalp, abdomen, arms legs or back, to balance hormones, heal neurological illnesses, calm anxiety, improve digestion, alleviate pain, or help you sleep. You will rest for 30-40 minutes with the needles. As you rest with the needles, you may feel an endorphin release, and from then on your body will have that as a reference for healing. While you rest, I will prepare a customized herbal formula, if needed, that you will take for the week. After I have removed the needles, you may receive gua sha, moxa, and/or cupping, as needed.

I will offer you some dietary suggestions to support to your healing.

Follow Up Acupuncture Appointments – Temporarily Unavailable

Spirit Farmer Acupuncture - What to Expect We will continue acupuncture treatment at variable frequencies, depending on the health issue. I often see patients with acute pain once a week for 4-6 weeks. Menstrual cycle imbalances, fertility, chronic pain or neurological issues, will require longer treatment plans, 3-6-12 months depending.

At each appointment, we will review your symptoms. Even subtle changes are signs of the body’s healing. I take extensive notes, because when a symptom disappears patients forget they even existed. As we review your symptoms, we get to cross issues off the list! Herbal formulas will be modified according to symptom changes.

Please dress in loose fitting clothes and eat before your appointment.

Please contact us regarding questions that may come up in your healing process.