violetsMy favorite food to make for dear friends who are recovering from any major life transition is gello! I spell it with a “g” because it is different than our childhood treat. It is made with grass fed gelatin (available at HAALo) and because you can create your own amazing flavors as wild as your imagination can get. I am very into using seasonal medicinal plants in my food. In this blooming spring, the violets are out, in three colors, purple, fuschia(!) and white. They are everywhere around town on people’s lawns, roadside, wafting their sweet fragrance within a several feet distance from where they bloom. They impart their odor as flavor to all sorts of delicacies. I have two dear friends who are recovering, Megan from childbirth and Shea from major back surgery. They both need the same types of foods! Nutrient dense, easy to digest potent foods. So I have been feeding them gello.

Violets have been used traditionally to decrease inflammation and help one sleep. Perfect for these two dear lady friends! They are called “zi hua di ding”  translating to “purple flower ground spike.” They clear heat toxins, nourish blood, and regenerate flesh.

Here is my latest recipe: VIOLET GELATINE





2 Tbsp gelatin grass fed, I like Great Lakes beef or porcine

1 1/2 c water

1 c heavy whipping cream (raw, or pasteurized, but NOT ultrapasteurized if you can help it). Alternately you can use coconut cream, it is just not as subtle.

A handful of freshly harvested violets, destemmed

2-3 Tbsp raw honey, or choice of sweetener, add to taste, really

pinch sea salt


Pour gelatin into your mold container

Add 1/2 c cold water and let it dissolve.

Heat 1 cup water.

Meanwhile pour cream into a saucepan on low, immerse your violets in the cream. Do not let it boil. When warm almost hot, add honey and stir til it dissolves. Again honey is to taste.

Add hot water to dissolved gelatin in a mold, stir to make sure it all does dissolve. Then add your violet cream to your mold. Stir. Make sure your violets are nicely arranged on top. Chill.

The cream will separate creating a two-toned gelatine. Slice and eat with your fingers, or serve in quaint little bowls. Eat as much as you want. It is lovely subtle, gentle, nourishing heart blooming healing food. Enjoy.




4 thoughts on “Violet Gelatine!

  1. Beautiful, Anna! What type of gelatin do you suggest — the type that dissolves in hot or cold water?

    Also, for using coconut cream since I’m dairy free… is this the same as coconut milk from a can that has lots of cream in it? or is this another product?

    I’m so excited to try! Thanks for the recipe 🙂

    1. Hi Kathy,
      The red container of Great Lakes Gelatin at HAALo is the one that gels. Yes, the same as the canned coconut milk. I recommend Nature’s Valley. If you use the 2 Tbsp gelatin just make sure you use about 24-32 oz liquid. Hope that helps! Let me know how it goes!

  2. Anna,
    This has been such a delightful gift in my healing journey. Last night I slept like a baby, and I ate every cube of the turmeric gello you made for me in the hospital!
    Thank you so much for your healing medicine ways and deep friendship.

  3. Oh Anna! This sounds delicious! Maybe i will make it for my family this weekend! You are such a wonderful creatrtrix! Thank you for sharing!


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