herbal medicine

Classical Chinese herbal formulations are a primary part of my healing protocol.

Spirit Farmer Acupuncture: Herbal Medicine Service


When I see you for the first time…

I take an extensive inventory of symptoms and based on the Six Stages of Disease and the Eight Guiding Principles, I will make my analysis and recommend herbs. You will then take these herbs home and brew them into tea. There is the option of customized instant granulate tea, that dissolves in hot water.

When finished drinking the tea, you will return, and we will reassess the symptom picture. With each change of symptom, small or great, the herbs MUST change to facilitate healing. The herbs are strengthening the body systems and reminding the body how to function in harmony.

Customized Herbal Formulas

Chinese herbal medicine diagnosis and treatment involves an in-depth medical history intake, classical Chinese medicinal diagnosis, and prescription of herbal formulas based on the diagnosis determined through the symptom picture. The intake for herbal prescriptions can be over the phone or in person. The herbal formulas are made to order at our pharmacy and can be picked up or mailed to the patient. An herbal prescription can be taken for a few days or a few months depending on the medical condition being treated. It will need regular modifications, every week to two weeks to adjust the herbs to address the changing symptoms that will occur during the healing process.

Raw herb formulas

Raw herb formulas, made from the finest quality herbs, are very effective and quick acting. This you will decoct into a tea.

Granule herb formulas

Granule herb formulas are made from concentrated powders of individual herbs mixed together into a tailored formula. They are convenient and easy to prepare. Just stir into hot water two times a day.

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