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activate the body’s ability to heal itself with Classical Chinese Medicine

We treat all illnesses and diseases according to symptom presentation with classical herbalism, “Jing fang,” acupuncture and moxa. Over 2000 years ago, in a time of epidemics and serious toxic illness, the legendary practitioner, Zhang Zhong Jing of the Han Dynasty authored the Shang Han Lun (Six Syndromes) and the Jin Qui Yao Luo (Prescriptions from the Golden Cabinet).  My teachers Dr. Suzanne Robidoux, Dr. Feng Shi Lun, and Dr. Hu Xi Shu have kept this ancient medicine, called “Jing Fang” alive and effective. I am grateful to be a carrier of this lineage.

Ancient medical wisdom for resilient health in these challenging modern times.

Spirit Farmer Acupuncture Anna Werderitsch, L.Ac.

Anna Werderitsch, L.Ac.

Mother, wife, acupuncturist, folk herbalist, medicine maker, wild plant forager, recipe writer, teacher, and forever a student. The plants made me do it. They lead me into healing and alternative medicine.
Anna is so gifted and it has always such a healing experience to be in her presence.
I was going through so much emotionally and Anna held such clear and loving space for me. Anna was with me all through my pregnancy and I continue to feel held by the nourishing sisterhood exemplified by our connection.
I am so grateful for Anna's care (and love) these past years. To say that Anna was instrumental in saving my life would be very accurate, indeed.
Thank you so much for your expertise, friendship and love. I’m so grateful.